Interview with Papapaw of Vector X Vexel Philippines

by RnovinoNovember 1, 2011

Being a Vector Artist is one of the difficult and comprehensive skill to master it needs a lot of effort and patience. But how do you start vectoring? what are the things you need to know?

Papapaw a student and a proud member of Vector X Vexel PH told on our interview how he learned this skill and manage to create awesome works in just a couple of months. he also mentioned how he got into it, out of curiosity and not knowing that he is already doing vector graphics. His artworks also got featured in different popular sites like shadowness and abduzeedo.

He was introduced by a friend to a group called Vector X Vexel PH where it help starters or newbies to get more broad knowledge about Vector and Vexel Graphics. and how you can earn or they call it COMISSIONS, where people pay you to create them vector artworks.

Watch our Interview video with papapaw to have more idea on why the vector x vexel world in the philippines rocks!

some of the VECTOR ARTWORKS of papapaw

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