How to Avail the Globe Iphone Forever Plan


Globe Announces Today their newest Promo which they called Globe iPhone Forever, which primarily the idea is you can have the latest iPhone and the Upcoming iPhone’s when they release it without any hassle of waiting for your contract to expire.globe iphone forever

for as low as 1,599 you can get this year’s iPhone. and the next generation iPhone

By simply swapping your current IPhone or other units and pay the One-Time Trade-In Cashout you can have the Newest iPhone every year 🙂

How it works

Step 1

  • Subscribers needs to choose what Iphone Plan you want to Avail

Here is the table to guide you on what Plan to Choose

iPhone Forever Plans iPhone Forever Plan 1599 iPhone Forever Plan 1999 iPhone Forever Plan 2999 iPhone Forever Plan 5599 iPhone Forever Plan 6999
FREE GADGET iPhone 5c 16GB iPhone 5s 16GB iPhone 5s 16GB iPhone 5s 32GB or iPhone 5c 32GB iPhone 5s 64GB
CONTRACT PERIOD 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
(International & Roaming)
FREEBIES 1GB PowerSurf LTE 1GB PowerSurf LTE Unli LTE SurfUnli Calls & Texts to Globe/TM numbers Unli LTE SurfUnli ALL NET Calls & Texts Unli LTE SurfUnli ALL NET Calls & TextsConsumable Roaming


A Platinum Blue membership entitles postpaid subscribers exclusive access to a dedicated Platinum hotline, priority handling in Globe Stores, discounts and privileges in handpicked partner establishments and nationwide concierge assistance.

Step 2

  •  Subscriber must Trade-in their existing Gadget to Globe and pay the One-Time Trade-In Cashout.

Here is the table on what Gadgets you can Trade to have the latest Iphone

Trade-In Gadget

One-Time Trade-In Cashout

iPhone 5, iPhone 4S


iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Q10, HTC One


iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Curve/Bold/Torch, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Nokia Lumia


All other gadgets


What if you don’t want to trade-in any of your Gadget?

  • You can still avail it but you need to pay the one-time trade-in cashout of P12,999

Here are some of the things you need to know before you trade-in your Gadget.

  • Your Unit must be Open Line or a Globe-issued handset.
  • Subscriber are Required to surrender their Gadget for trade-in to Globe upon the availment of the Promo, except if you are not going to trade-in any gadget which is you need to pay the 12,999 amount.

What if you are already planning to purchase One-Time Trade-in Cashout here are the things you need to know

  • Covers 24 months contract period under any Iphone forever plan.
  • You can pay Cash or via Credit Card (straight or up to 24 months 0% installment on any participating banks).
  • Applicable for both Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c availments.

Here are the things you need to know about the Contract period

  • Contract period continuous for twenty-four (24) month upon activation of line.
  • It does not reset the 24 months upon availment of the new Iphone any point between 13th to 24th months in contract.
  • You cannot downgrade or upgrade your iPhone Forever Plan until the end of 24 months contract period has ended.

*overdue balance must be first settled before availing this promo 🙂

Ok so lets fast forward a bit now you already availed the new Plan so here’s what happen if a New iPhone will be released after 12 months period (1 year).

You will be eligible to upgrade to an new iPhone on the 13th to 24th month after the availment of your iPhone but you need to maintain your current Iphone Forever Plan and trade in the gadget that you have availed upon your subscription for the new Iphone so that means your existing phone 🙂

but what if you under any circumstances you lost your phone or you cannot surrender your existing Gadget, unfortunately you need to pay again the one-time trade-in cashout 🙁 so be sure to take care of your phone for 1 year 🙂

So what if you already passed the 24 month contract period , you now can upgrade or downgrade your current plan and this will renew your contract for another 24 months 🙂 and also you will have the eligibility to again have the new Iphone in case it will be release after 12 months upon the renewal of account.

there you go that is how you avail the new Globe iPhone Forever Promo but take note that this promo is valid only from November 15, 2013 to December 31, 2013. but globe might extend it without prior notice so just be updated , to know more about he promo of the Globe’s iPhone Forever feel free to visit their Official website at

feel free to leave a comment in case you are still confuse on the promo we will be glad to clarify things up 🙂

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  1. Hi.. Good day. Just want to ask if you can avail the iphone forever plan if you just renew your contract last december 2012? Thank you..

  2. Hi..i just got my iphone 5 plan 1799 last sept i legible to this upgrade iphone forever plan?im planning to upgrade it to 1999 and swap my iphone 5 to i need to pay se fees?

  3. hi i just have a question, what if i have a previous contract and im on my 1year on it,how can i avail this promo?do i need to pay the cancellation fees on this contract that im on or they can just extend or add the 24mos on it? cause its kinda unfair for some people like me that have just signed into a contract and wont get a chance to avail this promo. thanks.

  4. info lang sa iba! globe will not let you have the iphone upgrade that easy.. i have an iphone4s and willing to surrender na for a trade in. 13 months na sa plan 1799. they are very strict sa appraisal nung phone mo.even the slightest scratch on the phone they will deny you to have the upgrade. will just be finishing there contract and it will be switching na to smart telecom.

  5. panu po pala kun, may mga scratches na ung iphone5 na iswaswap?
    ano po ung mga guidelines kung papasa po ang pon na iswaswap? 🙂