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Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 Leaked Casing Photo

by RnovinoMarch 6, 2013

Facebook user Andy Dionisio shared his story on how he got this casing accidentally, when he let his friend buy a case for him, but upon receiving it and trying it out on his cherry mobile flame phone it doesn’t fit so he check the casing and upon viewing it he saw the mark FLAME 2.0. his friend bought this at Stall 10-28 168 Shopping Mall @ Sta. Elena St, Binondo, Manila.

Thus, this mean cherry mobile is preparing for another version of the flame which is the 2.0 which is recently I also posted the leaked photo of the cherry mobile Omega HD casing and protector. and upon looking at the case it seems that it has a similarity with Karbonn S1 Titanium. here is another link.


here s a video review with the Karbonn s1 Titanium

it seems that they are preparing for some big again. lets just for the final announcement from the official cherry mobile fanpage for more updates. and here are the photos

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0

flame 2.0 sticker label 

big credits to Andy Dionisio for sharing this :)

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