Cherry Mobile Superion Odyssey 7.85″ Quad Core Tablet with 3G – P7,499


And the 4th Unit of Cherry Christmas is the Cherry Mobile Superion Odyssey, a 7″.85 IPS Capacitive Touchscreen tablet with a 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor and the best thing it has a sim card slot which you can have a 3G connection.

cherry mobile odyssey

as you will see in the picture it seems to be similar with an Mini Ipad Look (cross finger for thin bezel 😀 ) but here is the brief Specification of the Unit

  • 1.2 GHz Quad – Core Processor
  • 7.85″ IPS Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 5mp Main Camera with Flash
  • 2mp Front Camera
  • 8GB of ROM
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Single Sim Slot
  • WIFI / Radio
  • Free PowerBank (*Promo Only)


Cherry Mobile I will be happy to review this tablet 😀 can this also be my 4th wish LOL! will still keep you posted on the other units that cherry mobile that will be releasing on month, as you can see you have lots of choices that will fit your budget and next year all Filipino’s will have cherry mobile as a main phone or even backup phone 😀 Advance Merry Christmas

  • rai

    nice bago na naman :)

  • Jay Manlavi Daculap

    Sir ask lang sa CM Superion Core… What do you think.? gusto to sana bumili.. sana po mareview nyo rin po yun.. hehe

  • niño

    sir out narin po ba to sa market ??

  • joseph

    ilang mah po ang battery nito?

  • Dwigth

    pwede ba to i compare sa O+ Fab, parang pareho sila ng specs and yung presyo hawig din.. sana mareview nyo n to agad agad ^_^

  • CarlLouie WakAy

    hindi poh nakalagay ung android nya.. may i know it poh.. thanks

  • echo2knight

    Seen this unit in the flesh. Don’t have the chance to test it. Its a Mediatek quadcore with an aluminum backing plate. It has 3G but I guess its for data only, it has no front earpiece. 4000mah batt.

    Anyone who knows the OEM of this unit? Hope we can root this and maybe port kitkat.

    • Gelo

      Actually, here’s the latest release. I haven’t confirmed if it has call and text function.

  • mike

    I just bought this a while ago. Super nice and great. Kudos CM. Sensitive at mgnda sya. Yes nkkpgcall amd txt po sya. Mgnda graphics so far. (=

  • Winter

    I wonder kung ano yung cpu and gpu chips niya as well as if me otg capability to.

  • Paul

    I’d been using this for almost a week already, it’s great, it has jelly bean android, 4000 mah battery, graphics is good to excellent, it can play various type of games , Quad Core, 1gb ram 8gb internal memory expandable up to 32gb, single sim., at higit sa lahat mura pa hehe, 2 ka binili ko sa sobrang tuwa hehe ung isa sa gf ko hehe, good gift, hindi pa nga sya nirerelease sa mga store, pero may stock na sila actullay ayaw lang nila ilabas, pinilit ko lang hehe.. (may free power bank pa hehe)

    • arnold paycana

      i have memo 2 by skk mobile. mz better xa comparing s odyssey. for 6,999 😉

      • Tris

        SKK Memo 2

        > VGA Front Cam.

        No thanks.

  • Apol Maipid-Espiritu

    Just got mine today. Out of the box, may screen protector na so you won’t have to worr about getting a screen protector for it.

    I stuck a Smart broadband sim in mine and it works perfectly for calling and texting and of course browsing.. Kung gaano kabilis ang network mo pagdating sa data transfer, kayang sabayan ng Odyssey so Hindi katulad ng I bang phone na matagal magload and you won’t ask yourself, is it because my tablet is only so-and-so that’s why the connection is slow? Downloading from the playstore could be faster, and would probly be ifyou had Wi-fi. (My parents are from the ice ages, they believe that the internet is charged against our electric bill and WiFi will require some giant contraption hooked to our roof, if not beside the water tank so that’s why we don’t have wifi). While I’m Writing this, may kauuuuuuntiiiing delay pag lumilitaw yung text. Pero as far as the display is concerned, and touch screen functionality, ay panalo. Medyo annoying lng young auto correct. See? Lol.. And for some reason, hooontogooooool niya magcharge! I had mine connected to the computer just to see what would happen. from 12% battery, plugged in the computer through USB from 6:00 to 1:00 am, 65% palang ang battery ko. I switched to the wall charger and 67% plang in one hour (kasi 2am na). Pero I haven’t experienced any overheating from browsing, playing candy crush and plants vs zombies, and ano pa ba? Basta simpleng games, mararamdaman mong para kang nglalaro as iPad. Let’s not even get into the camera. Kahit 5MP yan, kung madilim eh madilim talaga. But hey, it’s a 5MP camera, which is a far cry from the other cameras out there. Well, I’m at 69% battery now so bukas pay nagfull charge into, I’m taking this to town to see just how long the battey can last. Hanalakas pati nung speakers, Pero I’m alone in my room so I guess that’s decent. And may headset naman, so kung ako LNG naman ang gaga it and I want to save on battery life, I’ll just use the headset.

    By the way, Sbi ni Ate Cherry Mobile, kasya saw into as mga cases para as iPad mini. So that’s another thing i’m going to check.

    Hope this helps!

    (Disclaimer: typos due to autocorrect! Need to figure out how I can work around it without disabling it)

    • Tris

      “(My parents are from the ice ages, they believe that the internet is
      charged against our electric bill and WiFi will require some giant
      contraption hooked to our roof, if not beside the water tank so that’s
      why we don’t have wifi).”

      Natawa ako dun. hahaha

      On Topic: Can’t wait to get miiiiiiiiine! Sana available pa with the free powerbank promo.

  • echo2knight

    OEM of this unit is HYUNDAI M8.

    Current status of my unit:
    1. Rooted using FRAMAROOT;
    2. Installed XPOSED FRAMEWORK;
    3. Moving apps to SD-EXT (2nd Partition of SD) using link2sd; and
    4. Already uninstalled bloatwares.

    Anyone here who knows how to port CWMR or TWRP, and how to enable swap partition on the kernel side?