[TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x


I recently posted how to Root/Unroot and Backup your Cherry Mobile Flare 2x, So once you have done that two Major things for you to start tweaking your phone we will now move on to Flashing the the Popular Custom Recoveries called TWRP (TeamWin Project).

To get started you need to download the ADT Bundle for Windows here choose either x86 or x64 bit and install it.

Usually you need to extract this on the Root Directory of your C: drive

adt [TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x

next is go inside that folder until to see the C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\sdk\platform-tools and on that folder you will see the FASTBOOT file and that is the file that we are going to need.

cmd [TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x

Next is you need first to turn off your phone and boot to FASTBOOT mode by simply PRESS AND HOLDING VOLUME UP + POWER BUTTON at the same time and wait for your phone to show green color on the screen, and that indicates you are on the FASTBOOT mode

fastbot mode [TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x

now go back to the C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\sdk\platform-tools folder and press shift right click on the mouse and select OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE and the command prompt will show up

type this on your command prompt
first is the fastboot devices , this will check if the Cherry Mobile Flare 2x is detected do not close yet the command prompt

next is to download the TWRP file which is the filename is recovery.img copy and paste  it to the C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\sdk\platform-tools

file [TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x

and go back to the command prompt and type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and now you will have this Result:

after that you can now type again to the command prompt fastboot reboot to reboot your phone, after reboot to access the TWRP mode or Recovery mode simply do the same process of press and hold volume up + power button but hold it longer until the red screen shows up and release the buttons.

and now you will see the TWRP interface, take note this is inverted to you need to be patient on handling this, will try to fix this soon icon biggrin [TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x but other than that all functionality is working.
bug:: inverted screen

in the TWRP mode goto settings and disable screen sleep so that it will not turn off when its been idle for a couple of minutes.

and now you can backup and restore your phone icon biggrin [TUTORIAL] How to Flash TWRP to Cherry Mobile Flare 2x


  • Just Stokherz

    may fix napo ba yung inverted bug?

    • romer dungaran

      sir nagwhite screen ung phone ko after flashing s4 fusion pano mafix walang lumalabas n recovery mode eh white screen lng d ko maflash ulet pa help

      • mon

        wag n kami toygoods

      • Robin Radan

        sir pa elp din ako d2

      • MARK

        HELP PO!! ako dn gnyan problema!! T.T

  • ian

    sir pwede din po ba ito sa O+ 8.31.. with the same recovery.img

    • Teyob Ortsac

      di pede yn mag kaiba ng boot.img yng dalawa

  • Teyob Ortsac

    inverted nagawa ko na baligtad nga

  • ernest

    nagawan name pro ba ng paraan yung inverted screen?

  • Santi Sarmiento


  • shred

    please sir can you fix inverted screen?

  • Georg Simon Ohm

    Siguro hindi lang tinapos ang tutorial kasi violent yung ibang reactions. Pero this recovery is working very well, you can use it without human touch on the screen, it can be run by commands or script made by the user while the phone is in its normal status. Pweding gumamit ng mga TWRP or CWM tools na libre lang sa Google Play store. Gagawin mo yung mga commands while your phone is in normal status, and then the app will reboot your phone in recovery status at siya ang magmamanipulate ng inverted na TWRP.

    • shakeyerhead

      can you make tutorial for this?

      • Georg Simon Ohm

        That was it. Download TWRP manager from Google play.

      • SweetRevenge

        “Gagawin mo yung mga commands while your phone is in normal status” what do you mean po? what command at posible po bang marun ung commands khit nkanormal mode instead na nka recovery mode?

      • Georg Simon Ohm

        opo, gagawin nyo nga ang commands sa normal mode, then the app will go to the recovery and do whatever you had been commanded it to do….

      • Georg Simon Ohm

        eto pa, para kang gumawa ng script while in normal mode, then the app will take your phone on recovery mode to implement the script or command line you made…a script of commands will be implemented instead of your fingers and eyes doing the manipulation….makikita mo pa nga na ginagawa ito eh..

      • Johnley Angala

        pwede mo ba akong bigyan ng kung panu mag install ng CWM sa flare 2x natin sir?

  • Georg Simon Ohm

    We are a good people, the problem is that we have no common technical language of our own..

  • Spaghetti Lover

    TWRP what board did you use? kaya nag inverted eh

  • Mark Anthony Molina

    okay lang sana baligtad kaso yung pagpindot kakapain mo pa ang hirap isakto haha. ayos na to basta may magamit

  • Andreas

    Hi – so far a very nice tutorial. But what do you mean with this:
    “type this on your command prompt”
    There is nothing to be seen!
    I tried it with “fastboot /?” and then there comes a message “waiting for device” => is it that what you mean ?

  • Jover Tan

    mayroon ka bang stock recovery para sa flare 2x tol? nakalimutan ko kasi iback up.. anyway, maganda nman kahit papanu yung ginawa nyung twrp. yun nga lang sabi nyo nga baliktad.. mejo mahirap nga gamitin..hehehe.. keep up the good work.