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January 6, 2013

How to change Boot Logo image and Boot Logo Animation of your Cherry Mobile Titan

In this video you will learn how to change or customize your Boot Logo and Boot Logo animation, to make it like you really own your Cherry Mobile Titan Phone. and here are the needed files for this video credits to the XDA Developers who develop this tools

DOWNLOAD LINK download the boot logo files

RomToolBox Lite

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January 3, 2013

How to Backup and Restore IMEI of Cherry Mobile titan and Any MTK Chipset Phones

Upon updating to the stock rom of cherry mobile titan I encountered this error, where IMEI is Invalid showing on my phone screen. To fix this just download the MOBILE UNCLE MTK TOOL this too is use to port CWM and TWRP on your cherry mobile Titan phone like what I posted before, but also this can backup and restore your IMEI on your phone as what you will see on the screenshot.


Just choos if you want to backup or restore and where you want it to save on your phone (internal or external SD)

Backup on the SDCARD2 (external SD)

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January 3, 2013

Spice MI500 to Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Stock Rom

finally after weeks of waiting, tweaking, trial and errors the Cherry Mobile Titan w500 stock rom is in our hands with the help of our fellow members Regine on the facebook titan groups and also our indian friend nilesh who shared the link on how to get the stock recovery rom , currently the latest version of the firmware is v9.0 which has the 5 point multi touch screen, but still upon writing this post I am still checking on what are the enhancements they made on the phone other than the 5 point multi touch update.

as other may not know I previously ported the SPICE MI500 and with that update I have voided the warranty of my phone but because we now have the stock rom [...]

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December 13, 2012

Complete Guide: Flashing Spice MI500 to you Cherry Mobile Titan

in this video you will learn how to flash the spice mi500 stock rom to your cherry mobile titan and put all the necessary enhancement to enjoy your phone like link2sd, swapping of memory and adding the project butter enhancement

this is quite a long video but you can use this guide to jump on the specific topics you want.

4:18 5 multi touch preview 6:50 Flashing the Spice mi500 Rom 8:25 Partitioning Micro SD card for Link2SD 19:03 Rooting 23:24 link2sd process 25:21 Swap SD Internal/External 28:28 Project Butter 30:52 Open Playstore Note 32:00 Removing Bloatware 41:18 Link2sd Transfer Files 44:50 Blocking Ads 45:30 Changing Boot Animation


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