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January 1, 2014

Thank You 2013 Welcome 2014 Let’s Rock!

Happy New Year Everyone! another year has passed and here we are in the year 2014 so let me just share some of my Goals for this year, well 2013 was really a blast for me lots of things happened I also met lots of new friends who also helped me a lot accomplishing what pinoyscreencast have now.

with all of that I like to thank you everyone for the wonderful year we all did a great job and hope to accomplish more this 2014.

More Video.. Video.. Videos!

Expect more videos here in pinoyscreencast this year I know there are still lots of video that I haven’t released for my community don’t worry guys I will still release it, but right now expect me to [...]

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January 1, 2013

We Welcome 2013 with a smile :)

It was an awesome 2012 experience, went to different places, meet new people and made new friends. our site traffic increased and my youtube channel is having more subscribers and views

So this 2013 we made some new enhancement on our pinoyscreencast goals, our goal is to reach more subscribers and gain more views because we will be a full time youtuber, focusing on tech and tutorial stuffs. I will still be blogging and giving updates here but as you all know I am not that very proficient when it comes to creating articles and I am more into videos, and I love video it makes me explain more things that I want to say.

with that I’ll be welcoming 2013 with [...]

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March 5, 2012

More Videos this 2012

We have redesign our blog site with the use of our favorite WordPress theme framework called gantry by rockettheme ,we will also be creating tutorials on how to create your own theme using this framework wicked!

this 2012 we have a lot new tutorials and video blogs to release, and since youtube is now accepting videos more than 15minutes, we will maximize that to give your a full detailed tutorials whohoo!.

But due to some feedbacks on our videos of some people don’t understand our language which is Tagalog we decided that we will be creating ENGLISH videos for the sake of our international viewers, but don’t worry even though it will be in English we will [...]

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November 12, 2011

How to Log into Multiple Facebook Accounts on a Single Browser

Most of us Facebook users have multiple accounts for some  reasons, but what would you do if you want to login your other account simultaneously? You might have observed that you can’t do that at the same browser. So here are some tips, how to do that.

Google Chrome:

you just need to click the tools button, then click on the new incognito window or , press Ctrl+Shift+N.

Mozilla Firefox:

Go to and install multifox by clicking allow button on the top then restart Firefox.

Then click the Firefox menu >> New Tab>>New Identity Profile or Ctrl+Shift+M.

or File>> New Identity Profile.If you [...]

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