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How to get Moon Hunters for only ₱80 for Nintendo Switch

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While everyone is enjoying the new Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch redditor JasonPortman5 shared an awesome deal in the Denmark e-shop.

The New Monsters which cost $14.99 in the US is priced down to only 10.00 kr which is roughly less than 100 pesos. Pretty neat right?

Here’s how

Login to your Nintendo account in their website not in the Nintendo Switch itself, then change your region to Denmark. (Don’t worry your account will just be fine trust me 😉 ).

It will prompt you to accept the agreement and just accept it then go to your Nintendo Switch e-shop and search for Moon Hunter.

Now you will see the new Price of only 10,00 KR, I used my Paypal account to buy the game and the total cost was only ₱80.

Paypal Invoice

Disclaimer: We don’t know if it was a sale price or an actual error in their pricing but try it now while it is still available.

Let us know in the comment section what do you think about the game.

See you on the next Nintendo Switch Steal Deal 😉 now back to my Super Mario Odyssey LOL!