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PlayStation Plus price increase in Europe this August 31st

Price increase for Region 2 subscribers!

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PlayStation Plus subscriber has another incoming price hike this coming 31st of August in which it will affect European Countries or simply thought the Region 2 subscribers. No words or definite reason that Sony has provided. The increase is set to add 25% on the current PSN Plus subscription fee. Shown below are the current and new prices:


  • 1 year subscription –  £39.99 to £49.99 (P 2,300 to P 2,900)
  • 6 months subscription – £14.99 to £19.99 (P 890 to P 1,100)
  • 1 month subscription – £5.99 to £6.99 (P 350 to P 415)

If happen you are currently a Region 2 PSN Plus subscriber, maybe this is the best time to renew or purchase a back up subscription before the price hike takes effect. Other option is to create an Region 3 account (Hongkong/Singapore) since the subscription there is much cheaper.

With this news brought by Sony, we hope this would not apply to other subscription prices for Regions 1 (US) and Region 3 (Asia).

For your PSN subscription needs, you may check the following recommended online stores:

Although the mentioned sites for your PS Plus Subscription needs are legit and recommended, please exercise Caveat Emptor when using your credit card and other personal information in a certain website.