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Transcend SSD220S SSD 240GB Review

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Today we’re going to review the Transcend SSD220S an SATA 6GB/s Solid State Drive. The model I have is the (TS240GSSD220S) with a 240GB capacity, it also has an available capacity of 120 GB,480 GB,960 GB.

Starting at $51 for the 120GB and can go up to $348 for the 960GB Capacity. Transcend is already known in the market for having a reliable storage and affordable alternative solutions for your storage needs.

Packaging, Build And Design

The Packaging of the Transcend SSD220S is simple, inside the box contains only the SSD Drive and Quick Manual.

It’s slim, having only a 7mm form factor with TRIM Support.

A trim command (known as TRIM in the ATA command set, and UNMAP in the SCSI command set) allows an operating system to inform a solid-state drive (SSD) which blocks of data are no longer considered in use and can be wiped internally.

The Body is made up of a Silver aluminum build with a glitter texture and very lightweight.

At the top, we have the Transcend text and image branding and a text indicating its a Solid State Drive.

On the side, we can see the Seal of authenticity and some screw holes. While in front we have the SATA and Power ports.

While below we can see the bar code, certifications and model number.

Unfortunately, there is now mounting bracket and software included.

Here are the full specs below,

Transcend SSD220S Specs

Name Detail
Size100mm x 69.85 x 6.8
WeightMax 64g
Storage MediaTLC NAND Flash
Operating VoltageDC 5V
Warranty3 years (The 3 years warranty does not apply when SSD Scope's wear-out indicator shows 0% within 3 years).
Where to BuyBUY NOW

Transcend SSD220S Test System Machine

Before we get started on seeing how good it performs here is our base system test machine.

NameTest System Specs
CPUIntel Core i7-7700 3.6GHz
MotherboardMSI Z270 Gaming PRO Carbon
CPU CoolerCooler Master Blizzard T2 mini
MemoryCrucial 16GB 1065MHz
Graphics CardNVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050ti
StorageTranscend SSD220S 240GB (SSD)
Power SupplyThermaltake SMART SE 730W
Operating SystemWindows 10 Enterprise

Transscend SSD220S Gallery

Benchmark And Performance

Transcend SSD220S Black Magic Disk Speed Test

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test is designed to let you know how fast your drives are and report their speed changes over time. The app is free and installs easily.

Transcend SSD220S Crystal Disk Benchmark

Is a free disk benchmarking utility that is very simple to use? It takes eight measurements: the read and writes speeds in megabytes per second (MBps) for sequential, 512KB, random 4KB and 4KB parallel disk operations.

AllRead MB/sWrite MB/s
Sequential Q32T1556.0483.5
4K Q32T1330.1338.9

Transcend SSD220S ATTO Disk Benchmark

The utility was designed to measure regular disk drive performance but it’s more than up to the task of measuring both USB flash drive and SSD speeds as well. The utility measures disk performance rates for various sizes of the file and displays the results in a bar chart showing read and write speeds at each file size.

ATTO Diskbench Result

Transcend SSD220S AS SSD Benchmark

Is a recent benchmarking application which, as the name suggests, is focused on benchmarking solid-state drives. The utility is very similar to the age-old Crystal Disk Mark utility both in the tests it performs and the format of its output. The main advantage of AS-SSD is its ability to measure incompressible data transfer speeds (that is data such as photos or videos which cannot be compressed by the controller). Additionally, AS-SSD uses file sizes (large) appropriate to solid state drives which are typically much faster than flash or regular mechanical hard drives.


Transcend SSD220S Tera Copy

Is a software designed to be used to move or copy computer files. As an alternative to the native copy operations within Windows, it is designed to be faster and have more functionality than the native tool.

Copying a 9GBs project file of Images and Videos took about 2mins to copy from NAS Storage to Transcend SSD220S.

Transcend SSD220S Software

Developed for use with Transcend SSD products, Transcend SSD Scope is an advanced and user-friendly software that makes it easier than ever to maintain a healthy and efficient SSD. SSD Scope brings together the latest technology in determining the condition and optimizing the performance of an SSD. The useful features include View Drive Information, View S.M.A.R.T. Status, Diagnostic Scan, Secure Erase, Firmware Update, TRIM Enable, Health Indicator and System Clone.

Out of the box, this is not included but you can simply visit their support section on their website to download the software.

Pinoyscreencast Verdict

The overall performance of the Transcend SSD220S on paper is what you get in a real world usage it’s fast and performs well with its read and write speed. Although the sudden drop of WRITE speed in some point of time is quite surprising, it’s relatively noticeable from all our benchmark test.

During the Blackmagic Speed Test stress test, we noticed a sudden drop of speed, also same story with ATTO disk bench and AA SSD Benchmark you will see in the graph, and a sudden spike and drop during the time of the test.

The 80,000 IOPS result was not obtained from our benchmark and even for the WRITE IOPS, it was just 20% of the said numbers.

But none the less the Transcend is still a great deal for if you’re looking for a budget SSD drive. Real world usage like copying and transferring files are blazing fast, even going back and forth with my NAS Storage was a breeze.