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Corsair Could Be At Stake for New Ownership for $500 million

Corsair to have a new ownesrhip. EagleTree to purchase Corsair for $500 million.

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Reports circulating around the media tells that Corsair could soon be under a new ownership. A private firm EagleTree Capital is in discussion to acquire Corsair for $500 million. Although talks are not yet on its final stage but,. EagleTree has managed to raise $330 million thru funds acquisition from various firms for the said purchase. They are expected to pay roughly $525 million for a company that is already known to gaming market in which total value is already at $30 billion.

Corsair, a U.S. based manufacturing firm of CPU cooler, RAM and gaming peripherals such as keyboard, headset, mouse, just to name a few. They have teamed up as well with MSI to venture in the graphic cards section for the ‘Seahawk’ series with features a liquid cooled Graphic Cards. Corsair is starting to build their own pre-built gaming PC which they called the Corsair One.

If this pushes thru, we can only expect a massive change in Corsair’s policy and approach in its market specially in their gaming peripherals.