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Things you need to know about PLDT’s new Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan 3499 and Home Geek Squad service

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There is a new PLDT Home Fibr Plan and they call it the Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan Plan 3499. But why is it worth 3,499? So let me share with you the things you need to know about this new offering from PLDT.

The PLDT Home Fibr Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan 3499 comes with a 50Mbps Fibr Broadband which is same with their 2899 Plan offering, but what makes this unique is it offers a Home Wifi Solution service which will be assisted by a technically knowledgeable “Home Geek Squad” team.

But who is the Home Geek Squad?

OK! to give you context when you upgrade to a fiber connection there are actually factors you need to consider. First is how are you going to utilize the connection to fully maximize the speed, are you going to use it over a Wi-Fi or are you just going to use it over a LAN connection? and are you going to connect multiple devices like mobile, laptops, security IP camera, and so on.

Those are just the factors you need to consider when you upgrade, which is, in short, do you have the right tools, knowledge, and devices in order to enjoy your blazing fast internet connection.

Well, if you are a tech-savvy person or not you still might consider the PLDT’s new offering and this is where the Home Geek Squad comes in.

Basically, this is a group of “Technical Architects” and individual broadband experts pioneered by PLDT who were fully trained for this kind of service which is for Fiber and advance Home and networking.

The Home Geek Squad is a group of “technical architects” pioneered by PLDT Home. Their mission is to help subscribers set up the Whole Home Wi-Fi system at their home. This team will provide subscribers end to end servicing — from professional assessment of problem areas and Wi-Fi dead spots at home to concrete, customized and strategic recommendations for router placements, up to dedicated assistance and after-sales support.

Have you experienced sometimes when you ask the installer of PLDT they give you inconsistent answers because not all of them have the expertise when it comes to this kind of field, some of them might be only purely installers and just know how to configure the wirings but not knowledgeable in terms of bringing the best home solution for your need.

Also common problems is that like what I said a while ago if you’re going to use it as a Wi-Fi connection for your whole home system. factors may affect are how far are you away from your Wi-Fi router, did you place the router in an obscure part of your house? all of this can result to a weaker and lag time during browsing and streaming.

Plus It is also a fact that there will always be unavoidable Wi-Fi dead spots in big houses. Regular home fixtures like doors, metal cabinets and even thick walls, and unsuspecting appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens can also become signal blockers, which mean they interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Doors and metals fixtures can reduce signal strength by up to 50 percent, while appliances can cause greater loss, at up to 80 percent.

Some of these Wi-Fi signal issues can be solved with simple DIY tricks but the bigger and more complex matters are often beyond the control of end-users, and thus require professional intervention.

Now What do the Home Geek Squad can do and what does the Home Wi-Fi Plan 3499 include?

For the Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan 3499 it comes with the following.

  • 50Mbps Fibr Broadband connection
  • Whole Home Wifi Coverage
    FREE Set Up by the Geek Squad
  • Added Key Features
    • Seamless Routing
    • Adaptive Routing Technology
    • Antivirus and security
    • Parental Controls
    • Assisted Setup
    • Reporting

Like what they mentioned current and upcoming subscribers will be assisted by the Home Geek Squad Team which will offer the following.

  • FREE consultation on the set-up of your SmartHome.
  • Design & installation of your Home Network or SmartHome.
  • On-site technical support by our Home Geek Squad.
  • Priority service in PLDT Home Sales & Service Centers.

Now If you want a premium technical service that will help you do more work rather than you personally tweaking and enhancing your home Wi-Fi system you might want to consider this service just visit their official page. or call their hotline.